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All Aluminum Construction - All 7' and 8' Wide Pro Series Shadow Trailers feature Aluminum Frames, Aluminum Interlocking Floors, One Piece Aluminum Roof, and Aluminum Exterior Walls.  The Stablemate Models offer the benefits of aluminum trailers at Steel Trailer prices.
Innovative Features - Setting the Standard for Innovation is a daily commitment at Shadow Trailers.  From our easy slide glide-outs, space saving sliding midtack, extra large windows, and even the supersized adjustable rear tack - Shadow Trailers is always developing ways to make your trailer the best available.
Trailers Loaded with Standard Features - The true value of the Shadow Trailer becomes obvious when you look at the convenient and practical standard features that are often additional expenses on other trailer brands.
Wide Selection of Trailer Models - The All Aluminum Horse, Livestock, Living Quarter Trailer Model Selection ensures you that Shadow Trailers has a trailer that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 
Quality Construction, Components and Superb Value - Shadow Horse Trailers are designed and built with a commitment to provide the industry's best trailer.  With experienced craftsman, quality components, and an understanding of what professional horsemen and women demand from their equipment, all at an affordable price, Shadow Trailers is America's New Choice.

Sliding Mid-Tack, Closet Tack on Shadow Horse Trailers

sliding closet mid tackThe “Sliding Mid-Tack” is one of Shadow Trailer's most recent innovations. With rising fuel costs, it becomes more expensive to pull a larger trailer. So, how does one design an efficient trailer while maintaining ample storage space? Shadow Trailer's solution is the innovative “Sliding Mid-Tack”!

Now, if several people use the same trailer to attend a horse show, there becomes a need for multiple head stalls, saddles, saddle blankets, and a need for common storage space. The traditional solution has always been to just add a "mid-tack". Unfortunately this option will add up to 6ft. to the overall length of your trailer with saddle racks, blanket holders, brush boxes and whatever storage compartments you need, then another 18 inches for the step to reach them all.

Introducing the Shadow Trailer "Sliding Mid-Tack"...

Our “Sliding Mid-Tack" slides out about 60 inches to you while you stand on the ground. Amazingly, the 24 inch slide rack, (which even a child could operate) can incredibly hold over 900 lbs. of head stalls, blankets, hoses, or whatever you desire. Combine this to Shadow's “Extra Large Rear-Tack” option and you now have all the storage space you could want and you have only added 2' 6" to the trailer! The “Sliding Mid-Tack" is available in both our 7ft. & 8 ft. wide trailers.

Living Quarter "Slide Out" Horse Trailer - Shadow Trailer

shadow slide-outsShadow Trailer's Living Quarter "Slide Outs" were designed to give a 7 ft. wide trailer the same living space available in a standard, slide-less 8 ft. wide trailer. Our Slide- Outs became so popular that we soon began adding them to our 8 ft. wide trailer floor plans. Many other slides you find now in trailers are expensive, heavy, and either electric or hydraulically operated.

Which leads us to Shadow's Patended "Easy Slide" Glide Outs...

Shadow Trailer introduced “Easy Glide” Slide Outs in late 2006. And get this... It is a MANUAL Slide-Out on a simple roller system which may be manually adjusted to either 6 or 8 ft. wide! That's right, MANUALLY! Incredibly, the “Easy Glide”, while much less costly than any electric or hydrolic powered system, adds nearly zero extra weight to the trailer and since by design, it rolls above the trailer floor, the structural integrity of the trailer is not compromised and thus eliminates the necessity of additional floor support! These all mean BIG savings for our customers!!!

Our trailers today can have up to 3 "Slide Outs" and are offered on all of our LQ Trailers, including the Stablemate LQ. The “Easy Glide” Slide-Out now has an additional 4 inches of travel increasing the room space even further!

Shadow’s “Easy Glide” adds living and storage space, utilizes inexpensive quality parts, and keeps slide outs affordable! And in this case, truly..."Innovation is not something that just happens."

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