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Elite Horse Trailers After 45 years of combined experience in aluminum trailer manufacturing, Elite's founders recognized a need for a product quality that was not yet being provided. In 1995, Elite Trailer was formed, dedicated to producing the highest quality aluminum trailer available to the market. Young enough to still be aggressively growing but old enough to be an established presence, Elite Trailers produces the finest built, all-aluminum trailer available today. Supported by skilled and dedicated employees, the founders continue to manage and oversee the business on a day to day basis. Elite Trailer Manufacturer

Every Elite Trailer is designed and manufactured to the individual customer's specification. Elite build a wide range of gooseneck and bumper pull products, from horse and livestock trailers to motorsports and cargo. Common to all their trailers, of course, is their commitment to the highest standards of quality Elite's employees take great pride in their workmanship from design to completion and their facilities are modern, clean and well-maintained.

Our reputation hinges on the attention to detail before any trailer leaves the lot, Elite's highly experienced, Quality Control Specialist's will ensure it conforms to customer needs and desires and to Elite's standards of comfort, safety and quality.

From a distance, most trailers look similar; at Elite we invite you to look closely at our trailer to discover The Elite Difference.

Compare these points before you buy

  • Smooth surfaces inside and out to avoid injury or damage. We encourage you to run your hands over exposed surfaces so you can actually feel the difference.
  • Take a close look at the rear frame, one of the most important attributes to any trailer; focus on the size of the material, how our top header piece connects to the top rail. Under the trailer you can see how we bring the rear frame through the floor to offer more structure.
  • Operate our slam latch mechanism for the dividers; notice its secure locking system, and its ease of use. The latching system provides your prized animals with security and a quiet ride down the road.
  • Open and close our feed and dressing room doors; notice the solid and secure feel. Look at the welded hinges that will provide years of maintenance-free use and know that this door will not loosen and will function over and over again, like it was new.
  • Look at the structure of the trailer. The engineered side frame features an 8" closed post at the drop wall, 5" closed structural posts used to support the interior gates, doors frames, and high stress areas. Take a look under the trailer and notice the use of a 4" I-Beam placed on 12" or less centers. The beam has two different sizes of flanges, the top at 2 1/2" to support the floor, and the bottom at 3" that gives us a larger area to weld to the bottom rail. The continuous top rail from the back rear frame to the front nose corner offers more structure than those who stop short at the taper of the nose. At 8" in height on the top rail and 9 3/4" on the bottom rail and both having a thickness of 3/16", Elite uses one of the industries largest combinations of rails. An integrated lip in the bottom rail allows the running board to lock in place before its welded.
  • And finally, focus on the quality and uniformity of the welds, our door and divider hinges, and notice the value we place on attention to detail and quality. The Elite Difference.

Elite Trailers Model: Bumper Pulls | Gooseneck Trailers | Stock Trailers | Living Quarters

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